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Sample Retainer Agreements

An essential part of an “unbundled” legal services practice is a clear, detailed list (signed by the attorney + the client) which specifies when services the attorney will provide (and those s/he will not provide).

The following are a few samples for varying purposes:

MD – An assisted pro se program - sponsored by the court, managed by a legal services provided, session conducted by an attorney. Retainer/waiver 

MD  - Model composite form - drafted by the University of Maryland School of Law Professor, Michael Millemann (under contract with the MLAN project – 2001) Retainer

CA – Private attorney, Forrest Mosten, offered this sample which he uses in his private practice (2000) Retainer  

ME – Retainer Agreement which is part of Maine Bar Rule 3.4(i), amended in July 2001. Full Rule with Retainer  

 If you have a sample to submit, please contact Ayn Crawley, MLAN Director, acrawley@mdjustice.org